Monday, October 1, 2012

Free Multi-User Video Conferencing -

A great new Video Conferencing has recently came out that is completely free to use. lets you have a video conference with up to 15 users.   This can be done on your computer or IPad.   

You don't even have to have a special account to use this.   To start, you can log in with your district email address and password to start a session.   Others that connect do not need to log in.

  • HD/High Quality Video Quality
  • Active Speaker is automatically put on the big screen using voice recognition
  • Ability to share your screen
  • Private Chat

I have tested this service, and was impressed with the video and audio quality.   As with any video conferencing, I always recommend using a headset with mic for the best audio quality.   A standard mic and speakers will work, but you need to be careful about feedback.

This service would work great for meetings or even as homework help lines.   Check it out.